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Welcome to the City of Columbus Income Tax E-File/E-Pay system. At this site, employers are able to electronically file and pay Semi-Monthly/Monthly Deposits of Tax Withheld and Quarterly Returns of Tax Withheld. Additionally, individuals and businesses are able to electronically file and pay the Application for Extension form as well as the forms for the Declaration of Estimated Taxes and related quarterly payment vouchers. Though this site cannot currently be used for the electronic filing of the annual returns of taxpayers we hope to have that feature available in the future.

To login, enter your City Tax ID (or Practitioner ID) and related PIN, then click CONTINUE. For questions, please contact the Columbus Income Tax Division at (614) 645-7370.

Please ensure that your address on file is correct after logging on to this system.  From the main menu go to the user options section and select the change address link to display your current address on file.

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For Assistance, Contact: City of Columbus Income Tax Division614-645-7370Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm EST